Ethernet sockets ease set-up of Internet-ready offices

Ethernet technology has reduced the time and cost to deploy temporary site offices with networked VoIP and CCTV systems.

Powerline Sockets in Portable buildings


Power Ethernet sockets have been adopted by construction companies McArdle Group and Miller Construction in portable buildings used by staff as temporary office space, meeting rooms, welfare accommodation and canteens.

The temporary offices require fast and reliable networking and internet access to enable the viewing and sharing of documents and plans, and access to collaboration systems located on internal corporate networks. Traditionally, an electrician will first connect the portable building to mains electricity, with a separate job created for an IT engineer to hard-wire a CAT5/6 cable data network into each building. This can take a number of days. Power Ethernet has removed the necessity for a second visit to significantly reduce the time required from the temporary building delivery on-site to first use.

Its Powerline Sockets replace standard double-gang plug sockets, providing one power outlet and four Ethernet network sockets. Network signals are transmitted directly via mains power cables using Powerline Communications (PLC) technology, halving cable requirement, removing the need to run additional data cabling and eliminating cabling running between temporary buildings and along floors.

Instead of waiting for power and network contractors to carry out installations, the sockets deployed the structures in a matter of hours.

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