Now IP CTV can be powered through Power Ethernet so you don't need to run cables to all your camera's.
  • Power Ethernet
    Networking through power cables
  • Cloud Computing
    We specialise in Cloud Computing so contact us today to see how it fits into your business.
  • Cloud Computing
    Bringing all your devices together
    Protect your business or home.
  • App Design
    We specialise in iPhone app Design
  • Cloud Computing
    Minimise your infrastructure costs with Cloud Computing.


Wireless Networking

We have installed a number of 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz wireless networks. We also use Power Ethernet technology to assist deployment

IT Support

We provide IT support for the Independent Newspaper Group for their Pre-press function. We cover both Windows and Mac based systems in a very high pre

Powerline Networking

Rather than using cable networking services we are now combining the Power Ethernet technology. This allows us to get fast speeds without the need or


IP CCTV can now also be rolled out over power ethernet saving cost as there will be no need for expensive fibre or traditional cabling. We have instal

Some Key Services

  • Print Solutions

    We are a Duplo Reseller in Northern Ireland. We also offer Wide Format Printing Solutions. Please contact us for our latest pricing.
  • Cloud Computing

    Have all your important CCTV footage stored online where it will be safe.
  • Wifi Networking

    Need a point to point instead of an expense fiber cable? Contact us.
  • IT Support

    We can support all your IT needs. We currently support small to Enterprise level networks.
  • App Design

    Welcome to the future. We have developed a number of apps to help businesses with their ever changing needs.

Powerline Networks

Are you interested in looking at our new networking technology. No need to run cables when you can use power cables.

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IT Support

App Design

Cloud Computing